Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Jenni Millan and I am a 1 year new It Works! Global Independent Distributor.  I am so excited to talk about the many opportunities that this truly amazing company has to offer.

My very first encounter with It Works! Global was 3 years ago when I was out to dinner with a few of our close friends and noticed how remarkable my girlfriend looked in her jeans. She told me she was introduced to these body wraps and I think quite honestly I rolled my eyes... What the heck is a body wrap?  Then about a month later, I noticed her skin tone and complimented on how full and shiny her hair looked.  My friend told me that she started taking a product called the "Greens" and that although it didn't really taste all that great by itself  when you put it in your favorite juice is actually pretty good.

Okay... I may have rolled my eyes again at this point.  At the time, I was hearing about the acai berry and now this! It seemed as if everyone was trying something or another.  I have always been a huge skeptic and to be honest don't willingly commit to anything financially unless I really know I am going to have the same results. What I've learned since is to at least engage in conversation and ask questions. If I had I may not have wasted 3 years in figuring out how to keep my body looking and feeling great! I am after all "in my forties"... (another eye roll!)

Now that I have tried a few of the It Works! products and have had the pleasure of answering questions along the way to my clients and prospects, I thought why not start a blog?  My first introduction to "how a blog works" is from one of my all time favorite movies "Julie & Julia".  You know the movie about Julia Childs  where an aspiring writer starts a blog about cooking each and every recipe found in Julia Childs' famous cookbook. "Julie" took an honest and open approach with her blog and I want to follow in her footsteps.

That said however, I will not be posting daily results but I will focus on the honest and open approach to how It Works! can truly work for you! Wish me luck!


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         Jenni Millan

    My name is Jenni Millan and I live in Southern California. I am a mother to 4 beautiful girls and a wife of 16 years to an amazing man.

    I am 1 year new to the It Works family; and have enjoyed meeting and speaking with people that truly love the various products that It Works has to offer!

    I welcome the opportunity to chat about what I've discovered with It Works!

    I look forward to speaking with you!


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